Conceptualized in 2014 with the idea to promote mental strength and curiosity through the beautiful stories told in the sneaker community.

The sneaker realm/community (dislike the term "culture" used today) is a unique world that fosters communities being built everyday every since its early beginnings. 

One man army located in NYC (New York City) and have been selling footwear/sneakers on various platforms and forums ever since the days of NikeTalk, Instyleshoes and SoleCollector since 2005.

I have built a vast amount of knowledge in the sneaker industry by lurking through the forums of NikeTalk and Instyleshoes since the early 2000s. Now I hope to share this knowledge through my passion in sneakers and try my best to provide you with some unique pieces that will make you be be different in your style and mindset.


The word projects strength, credibility, and familiarity worldwide. It is a Latin word that means “Bearer of the Heavens”. The story of Atlas originated in Ancient Greek mythology as the Titan who was condemned by Zeus to stand eternally at the western end of the earth, holding up the sky (not the earth). The story goes that Atlas and his brother Menoetius sided with the Titans in the war against the Olympians. Once defeated, Atlas was ordered by Zeus to stand at the western edge of the earth (Gaia) and hold up the heavens on his shoulders. 


My aim is to build a community to discuss and appreciate the history, business and design of the footwear and sneaker industry from the little brands to the titans of the industries, while at the same time offer you unique sneakers that are not considered your "hype" item.