The Future of Reselling Sneakers: You Need More Than Love (Part 1)

by Christian Atles

Why You Need To Be Different In The Sneaker Game:

We are already in February (damn time flies by) and one thing is for certain, the resell sneaker industry is not stopping. The resell industry is continuing to grow with platforms like StockX, GOAT, Grailed and BUMP that allow for buyers and sellers to interact and conduct transactions with the help of PayPal as a trustworthy payment provider.

There are several top influencers in the sneaker resell game right (Ben Kickz or Rackz just to name a few) who maintain a wide following base on their social media accounts and have been popularized within sneaker media outlets. They have differentiated themselves and created a vast network to push their side hustle into a successful business! 

However, not all of the resellers today have the power to become an influencer like Ben or Rackz, so that is why they need to find a way to differentiate themselves from the rest. This is where Strategy and Business comes into play!

Design Strategy = Success

If you are a reseller simply because it is the "trend", then this post isn't for you. And in all honesty, you may need to rethink why you are in it. 

If you either love and appreciate the sneaker industry or have been doing it as a side hustle (like myself since the age of 14) and want to grow, then you have to come up with a game plan that revolves around strategic design. 

When I speak of design and strategy, this isn't some corporate point of view but rather a way to integrate design and business into reselling. Don't get me wrong, if you don't understand your market or your financials, then this or any other business will eat you alive.

Design Strategy (or Business Design) revolves around bridging the gap between design and business by applying the designer framework (testing, prototyping, iteration, etc.) and business metrics to create innovative solutions in whatever industry you are focusing in (sneakers in this case).

Stay tune for the next post where I will give you tips on how you can integrate some of this in your side hustle!

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