J. Cole's KOD Album - The Bible for the New Generation

by Christian Atles

Jermaine Cole - The Savior of Hip Hop

In 1994, Queensbridge, New York, Nasir Jones (aka NAS) released possibly the best Hip Hop album of all time, Illmatic. Fast forward to 2018, J. Cole has released KOD, possibly one of the best Hip Hop album in recent times and can be seen as the "Bible" for these newer generation of rappers.

Through out his career, J. Cole has become a master in storytelling. Each piece of art that he has released revolved around 3 key traits; experience, story and message. This has won him a big fan base since his beginning days and is finally being recognized by the public as a great artist.

We have to appreciate artists like J. Cole now and realize that history is being made. 10 years from now, this album will possibly be the pivotal moment in Hip-Hop where artists and fans start self-reflecting their purpose and impact on society.

1985 J. Cole Arrived. 2018 The Young Simba is now King!
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